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Fentimans - Longest Advert Ever

Film Production. 

Agency - Orange Panther Collective
Director - Dominic O'Riodan

The brief was to make an epic 7day long advert that encapsulates the skill, artistry, love, care and attention that is bestowed to every Fentimans product. Their drinks are Botanically Brewed over 7days to develop the unparalleled tase that their drinks are famous for.

The concept was created by Orange Panther Collective and directed by Dominic O'Riordan. We shot in the stunning Northumberland National Park, continuously, 24hrs a day for 7 days capturing the all the weird and wonderful things the brewer does to keep himself entertained while he waits for the liquid to ferment to perfection.

It was a very technically challenging shoot, there was no edits. We were running equipment 24/7, managing live sound, capturing a ridiculous amount of data while also shooting 6x VOD/teaser ads at the same time on one of the days and doing all the post from a field for release 2 days later. Editing 168hrs of footage was also no easy task with more software only having the capacity to support 24hrs max. But we did it and are super proud of the results.

We couldn't fit the 168hr long version on our website so here's a shorter preview for your viewing pleasure.

Film Production 

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