The who, the what and the why.

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Infinite is a new breed of creative production house.

We have lived and breathed the ad agency world and have an intimate understanding of the full marketing vertical from creative & media strategy to conception of big ideas, all aspects of production (on and offline), delivery and distribution, campaign analysis & optimisation, oh and of course how to make beautifully crafted films.

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Quality, creative production and a whole lot more.

Infinite is a production partner. Not to be confused with a production supplier. What’s the difference?

Well. Yes, we can take a script and produce something great, deliver it back to you and then walk away.

But that’s not what we’re really all about. We work hard to deliver so much more.

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Smart, collaborative, creative production.

We have redefined the role of production. 

​We don’t crow about being masters of all marketing disciplines. But given our experience working within agencies, we do have an intimate knowledge of the full marketing vertical. Making us perfectly placed to understand how to optimise the role of production and advice on how to produce your content in a way that will make it really standout.

We go beyond just making the script in hand. We’ll work closely with your strategy, creative, and media teams throughout the whole process to make sure each discipline is closely aligned to the production, creating the most effective and exciting content.

There’s no retrofitting one asset into a million places for multiple audiences with us! We plan our productions to squeeze everything possible from the budget and deliver assets that are truly optimised for the environment in which they are consumed.

​We’re proud of our relationships with like-minded clients and collaborators who value a production partner that really understands their business goals, aspirations and longer term marketing strategy and the extra value that brings to the table. Consider us as a full-time extension of your production department or in-house marketing team. 

Get in touch and let us show you how our refreshing approach to production works.