Spreading content through social media platforms and influencer networks, is paramount to any online marketing success. To lead a successful marketing campaign and drive people to your content, seeding is the best strategic approach. Establishing relationships with influential bloggers, who can distribute your content is a great way to effectively scatter your content across the internet. Seeding is one of the most important elements in online marketing when trying to boost brand awareness, gain traffic and spread your message consistently. For seeding to work effectively, creatives must produce content that is relevant to specific networks. Infinite Content ensures that the content is seeded across the right channels to the target audience. We believe the key is creating content that is attractive, shareable, and different from competitors.
Creating a seeding network of bloggers who share your content, will dramatically increase not only your traffic, but your reach and awareness of the original content, because it’s validated by an influential and highly respected brand. So, seeding involves contacting influencers, building relationships and convincing them to validate and spread your content. When contacting an influencer, it’s important that your proposal has genuine value. What’s so good about your content? How does it benefit their brand? This should be thought about carefully before contacting an influencer. If your serious about expanding your online platform, you must continuously build your seeding network and keep creating new content. We can help you find the relevant seeding channels, both paid and free as this works the best.
We have an excellent team of focused and experienced marketers, and our service is always personal, tailored to each of our clients. Infinite Content can help you analyse your goals and ambitions, which will allow us to gain a deeper understanding of your brand. As a result, it will make it easier to help find the channels and influencers that are relevant your brand, and the message your trying to spread. We have access to a large network of bloggers and we only target specific audiences, and we make sure that the content isn’t repetitive.
At Infinite Content, we analyse how consumers reach your online network and measure the performance of your content. We can optimise your content for seeding, so it reaches an ever-increasing audience and becomes contagious.
Failing to seed your content and create a seeding network means massively missed potential for your brand. So why not get in touch?