Blogger Outreach

Promoting your brand through influential bloggers

Blogger outreach encourages influential bloggers to write about you and your brand, to increase brand awareness among their army of followers. In exchange for free access to a brand’s products or services, blogging has massive potential for ROI when compared to conventional methods of advertising.

The influence of bloggers among certain key demographics today cannot be underestimated. Respected bloggers are massively impactful and often have their followers hanging on their very word. When they talk, people listen.

With the millions of active blogs out there, and statistics supporting the claim that followers of blogs trust the information they receive from bloggers, ensuring the right blogs feature your products is hugely important. Here at Infinite Content we have the ability to carefully target the most appropriate bloggers for your brand, to create the noise you are looking for. Starting with methodical research, we can then target suitable bloggers and nurture this relationship on your behalf, adapting as your brand develops and your objectives are change. This process is valuable for you, your consumers and also for the relevant blogger.

We will only ever target trusted bloggers who can also link back to your website, improving your SEO-prospects. And with our in-depth knowledge of Google’s continually changing Algorithm, we are always at the forefront of technical innovation in this field.

Failing to take advantage of the blogosphere represents massive missed potential for your brand. So why not get in touch?