Activation is almost equally as important as creating video content in the first place. At Infinite Content we follow 5 key steps to guarantee we get the most reach and interaction out of the video content we create.

1. Research

Fist we research your audience and draw up a customer profile of our exact audience, being as specific as possible. Next we look at all of the brands competitors and see what they are doing in the market place. If we are looking at hygiene content specifically, we research the types of keywords that this audience searches for on a monthly basis.

2. Create

We next look at creating video content that is relevant to our target audience, and differs from our competitors and if relevant, targets specific keywords that audience searches for on a monthly basis. Where relevant we add a written piece to accompany the content and if possible, make the video interactive.

3. Publish

Next we publish the video to the channel where we feel our audience frequent. We make sure that the content is fully optimised to appear higher in organic search listings and similar topics from other brands.

4. Seed

Next we look at putting some budget behind the content. We target the audience we want to reach as specifically as possible. We make sure to put a frequency cap of once per month, to not frustrate out audience with the same content over and over again. We also outreach to influential bloggers that are relevant to our target audience and request they embed the video on their blogs .

5. Engage

Finally, we look at engaging our existing customer base. We do this through embedding out video content in our email marketing communications and retargeting customers on the site through Facebook and Google, (to name but a few channels). We also push the content out as post across relevant social channels and boost it to existing fans to get as much engagement as possible.

Creating content without activating, it is like creating a TV advert with absolutely no media spent behind it.

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