Dec 17, 2016

Path to Purchase: How to Capture Consumers on their Non-linear Journey

written by Richard Lindsay

As technology continues to evolve, so does the path to purchase. The customer journey is becoming more complex as it’s rarely linear. Understanding how consumers discover, learn and purchase a product, is becoming more urgent. Marketers need to have a better grasp of their customers’ full journey, from start to finish. Let’s take a look at what you can do to clinch consumers on their path to purchase.

Target Customer Location

In a world where consumers expect to be able purchase anything they want in any location, it’s important that brands offer flexible delivery and pick up options. Brands should consider location-based marketing to reach people on the go through their mobile phones and tablets. As most consumers share their location, brands should seize the opportunity to capture customers’ by personalising messages based on their current location. Also, be sure to highlight your delivery options, and ensure you make it easy for customers to see what’s in stock.

Inform your customers

With the amount of information online, consumers are now more informed than ever before. Consumers have a desire for relevant information, and although the ultimate aim of advertising, is to sell the product, your ads don’t always have to focus solely on transaction. Ensure you provide helpful information during the consumer’s journey, such as detailing how the customer will benefit from the product, instead of just promoting its features. Let your customers know why the product is important. It’s essential you establish your brand as a trusted resource early on.

Consider Co-Marketing

Studies have shown that during the path to purchase, moments of intent doesn’t occur in large volumes, so you need to think about how apparent unrelated searches could trigger interest in your brand. In order to capture customers at the right moment, consider partnering with brands in different, but relevant vertical markets to reach similar niche audiences.

Use Customer Reviews in your ads

Why not use customer reviews as a marketing opportunity? The power of reviews and customer perception online shouldn’t be underestimated. Studies undertaken by Think with google make decisions on what product to purchase based on positive reviews. So, customer reviews can capture consumers’ attention online, so could be a key driving force in your sales.

Target Customers Across Multiple Devices

Most consumers move across devices at various stages of the buying cycle, and many consumers use their smartphone to conduct initial research. With customers constantly switching between screen, it’s important that you structure your messages and targeting plans around a cross-device customer. Ensure your ads are designed to render seamlessly across multiple devices.