Nov 27, 2016

The Key ingredients to creating good content for boring industries

written by Richard Lindsay

Content marketing is always a challenge, even more so when dealing with a “boring” industry. Whether you’re in the finance industry or insurance business, or any other industry that isn’t typically known for engaging content, there is still many ways you can create a winning formula for your content, and get your audience hooked. Here are some essential tips to get your creative juices flowing, and help get your content into shape.

Create disruptive Content

One of the best way to stand out amongst the crowd, especially within a “boring” industry, is by creating content that instantly grabs attention, disrupting someone’s day, and engages them emotionally. Create content that is thought-provoking and which disrupts the norm. Your ability to be divisive and unconventional will determine whether or not someone clicks on your content, or lets it pass them by. Also, ensure that your disruptive content is relatable, as customers like brands that are personal and speak to them on a deeper level. Creating disruptive content increases interest in your industry, and raises brand awareness at the same time.

Tell Brand Stories

Consumers love stories and an immersive story will stick in their mind for years to come. Instead of bombarding your audience with tedious information and data, why not tell a captivating story? Not only is this an ideal way to excite your audience, but it’s a great way of building relationships with them, and creating a strong community of loyal customers who support your brand. There is a science behind storytelling, as many studies have found that humans process information in narrative form. Storytelling is essential to any content marketing, but when trying to generate more buzz around your industry, diving into story mode is your best bet, as it ultimately cuts the clutter of too much information. With the power of digital video, there are endless amounts of opportunities to tap into.

Educate your audience

Give your readers knowledge and genuinely help them do something. There are few things more valuable than content that can help and educate people. Many marketers create content to secure customers, neglecting the importance of creating content to retain your current customers. When dealing with a tedious industry, you must find ways to ensure your customers keep returning to your brand, so creating educational content gives your audience an incentive for investing their time in what you have to say.

Look at Competitor Strategies

If you’re struggling to come up with engaging ideas, or unsure how to create an awe-inspiring video, you can always track your competition’s marketing strategies. While you don’t want to copy their content exactly, knowing what is working for other companies in your industry, can help you ignite ideas of your own. There are a number of ways you can track your competitors, such as signing up for Google Alerts, an effective tool which sends you updates on your competitors’ online activity. More simply, you could monitor your competitor’s websites, or track their brand on social media. These methods allow you to get a real sense of what your competitors are doing.

By following these ideas and with enough creativity and planning, you’ll be well on your way to creating engaging content, and immersing your audience in your subject matter.