Nov 9, 2016

8 Facebook Video Tips

written by Richard Lindsay

How to get the most out of your Facebook videos

Everyone knows that video can connect with consumers in a way like no other. Yet Facebook was a little bit late to the party when it came to using video on the social media behemoth. But now they’re catching up and the site sees a staggering 4 billion video views every single day. Here we look at how you can get as much as possible out of your Facebook content.

1. It’s all about timing
Keep your videos short. The nature of social media lends itself to snappy video content. Videos under 2 minutes usually performs better than longer content.


2. Be inspirational
Inspiring your audience goes far beyond simply showing them what they could have. Think about how the purchasing choices they make might impact on their lifestyle and their well-being. Think around the subject and try to fill your target audience with optimism.

3. Remember videos auto-play
As Facebook videos automatically start playing in a user’s newsfeed it’s important to make sure you have visual impact right from the get-go. Also remember the videos are muted by default, so it’s also important to make sure you can make an impact without sound.

4. Be professional
It’s easy now for even the most amateur filmmaker to make their efforts look professional. With this in mind, it’s important to make sure your content looks as slick as possible, suitably edited. Make sure the lighting looks good and the sound is as clear as possible. Spending time on these aspects will reap big rewards later.


5. Educate
It’s commonly accepted that if you provide content that educates your audience then you’ll gain more views. Any ‘how to’ content that answers questions or gives advice and tips can be rewarding for your brand. It also doesn’t have to revolve exclusively around the product you are selling. Think about informing audiences about industry news or offering insightful stories about your industry’s history. This could enhance brand loyalty and also position you as thought leaders in the field.

6. That’s Entertainment
Most people are using Facebook for recreational purposes; they want to be entertained. With this in mind, try to keep the content light-hearted or funny. You can also be inventive with the content you produce to keep people wanting more.

7. Thumbnail and tags
Make sure you pick a suitable thumbnail to represent your video. You can also maximise the potential volume of views by tagging people who feature in it or encourage influencers to share it with their own network.

8. Facebook Live
Why not experiment with Facebook Live and broadcast your brand to the world, live? This function is similar to Periscope in that you can live stream to the social network, pleasing your army of loyal followers and hopefully gaining new ones.

Watch this space for the next Facebook video iteration and remember to take full advantage of it.