Sep 8, 2016

What Virtual Reality Will Mean For Advertising

written by Richard Lindsay

Advertising and marketing could soon see a technological revolution, as a result of virtual reality. What was once a mere fantasy and something that only existed in our imaginations, is quickly becoming a reality. Not only will virtual reality completely change the way we communicate and connect with each other, it will hugely advance advertising strategies. VR will provide us with the highest level of immersion and engagement, even more so than film and HD television, because with virtual reality, you are no longer watching the action, you are living it.

With the cost of headsets reducing all the time and the ability to view VR on your mobile phone with a simple cardboard attachment, accessibility is becoming less of a barrier. Also. the cost of producing the content is now much more economical with camera equipment like Jump.

So what does VR actually mean for advertising? Here at Infinite Content, we create powerful and high quality video content to be distributed and promoted. VR will provide its users with the chance to immerse themselves right into the heart of events around the world, capturing the most intricate and delicate details. Significantly, this allows the viewer to have active participation in what is being shown to them, so advertisers can now directly interact with their audience to create powerful and compelling stories. VR content creation will provide more powerful and distinct messages, because the viewer will have a better understanding and sense of the situation, as they will feel as though they are physically there.

However, no doubt VR will amplify advertising and marketing ambitions to incredible heights, so you may be questioning; where are the drawbacks of this method of content creation? Crucially, VR developers are actually working to ensure that the technology does not come with certain side effects, such as motion sickness, thus creating innovative and memorable content with mind-blowing simulations, without having to worry about those who may not have had a fulfilling experience. It is very important that all our viewers have a positive experience, and more importantly, are happy with the content, and willing to explore and learn even more.

One of the most significant aspects of VR, which will be hugely beneficial for brands and advertising, is that it offers viewers a unique experience that they couldn’t otherwise have. In many ways, VR provides a captivating and transporting experience, where viewers will be able to receive a better feel of the specific products and events that are being advertised and promoted. Quite simply, what VR will mean for advertisement, is the opportunity to transport viewers across a multitude of different environments and complex landscapes, and enable their content promotion to be even more successful.

Like all new technologies, once you dip your toe in the water, you’ll learn how to use it in ways you never realised possible to create immersive storytelling.