Sep 13, 2016

Content Marketing: 4 Key Ingredients Needed to Attract an Audience

written by Richard Lindsay

If you’re content marketing is not reaching the audience you truly desire, then perhaps you have overlooked some of the key ingredients. Successful content marketing is creating the most engaging and compelling content, that will provoke people to either buy your product, or share the content for others to see. There are number of important aspects you need to consider when attracting an audience. We have assembled the four crucial elements needed to ensure your content marking success.


Educational content is arguably one of the most powerful and engaging types of content available. Audiences and consumers love the opportunity to learn something new. We all naturally have a thirst for knowledge, and extend and develop what we already know. Content that educates often starts with a “How”, and these type of articles usually try to help people solve a problem. However, this isn’t always the case, but what is clear is that you should create content that people can learn from.


The best way to entertain is through video content, and there are a number of funny videos that really show you the marketing power of entertainment. However, entertaining content doesn’t have to be limited to videos, as there are various ways of producing humours content, such as using images and funny stories. Entertaining and enjoyable content is very likely to quickly gain attention and be shared.


Challenging it may be, but providing people with the latest news or products is a key objective in content marketing. The difficult thing about this type of content, is that the news will quickly become old news, and people will lose interest after a certain period of time. Also, you need to ensure that you create informative content that is immediate and current, otherwise most people would have already seen it on social media platforms, which in today’s age, are the best sources for the latest news. If done correctly, you could see a massive increase in your audience.


One of the most difficult but essential aspects of content creation, is providing inspiring ideas. Combining educational, informative and entertaining content with inspiration, provides the foundation for very successful content, and also if it is marketed correctly of course. An example of inspirational content could be referring to successful people who achieved greatness by overcoming adversity, or other examples of inspiring achievements. This type of content is likely get people interested and motivated when you relate the content to real-world trends.

Although these content types are effective as a standalone piece, they are even more powerful all woven together. Ultimately, completing these objectives will give you the best possible chance for successful content marketing.