Aug 25, 2016

Creating your own seeding network to promote your own content

written by Richard Lindsay

There is no doubt that promoting your brand’s content is essential to the success of your product. When creating your own seeding network to promote your content, there some crucial steps you must take to be able to effectively build and maintain your network.

It is very important that brands connect and build relationships with popular bloggers and vloggers, to be able to establish a platform for the promotion of their content. In order to do so, it is important you plan ahead by creating a list of influential bloggers, before contacting them and building a working relationship with them. Once you have contacted your chosen blogger, a great way to create a relationship is by providing them with one of your products to review, with a link back to your website. Ensure that you create video content that is relevant to a large percentage of the bloggers you contact, as they will be much more willing to promote the content on their site if they actually have an interest in the product. Fundamentally, contacting bloggers with irrelevant video content will place you at a disadvantage. Also, offer your new contact the chance to receive one of your products for free, which increases the chances of the blogger promoting your product.

It is important that you contact several bloggers and vloggers, and build as many relationships as you can. Also, once they have promoted your content it does not end there, as you should ask your online contacts if they know any other bloggers that would be willing to promote your content. Crucially, if you hope to expand your online platform then you must continue to build your network and increase the amount of video content you produce. Over time, as your network grows and your video content increases, you will be in a position where your network bloggers will have the option to select the most relevant content to promote.

In terms of the actual promotion of your video content, it is essential that the video is imbedded on the website as this is a much more effective and efficient way of building authority. Once your seeding network becomes extensive enough, it would be wise to create a newsletter, embedded with all your latest videos for your bloggers to access. Being persistent and continuously building relationships with powerful bloggers and vloggers, is the key to success.