Jul 25, 2016

Video is at the heart of everything we do. Here’s why!

written by Richard Lindsay

Video dominates much of our lives and is set to do so even more in the very near future.

Screens surround us. From phones and tablets, to watches, TVs and cinema screens, screens have infiltrated every area of our world. In shops, on streets, in malls, taxis and schools, video literally is everywhere.

As platforms continually evolve, emerge and adapt, it’s vital today to remain as up-to-speed as possible, to ensure any potential opportunities to make high quality video content are maximised. And as demand changes and viewers want more easily consumable content whenever they want it, video is fast becoming the medium of choice for brands everywhere.

With sales of personal screens breaking records 2015, and with more minutes of film viewed than ever before, it’s clear that there is no end of potential for the powerful future of video.

Here at Infinite Content, creating the highest calibre video possible is what gets us out of bed in the morning. Whenever we can create the most innovative video content, we will. For us, each, and any, video platform is waiting to come to life through the content we create.From social media video to large scale feature film shoots, we have the resources to create stunning content and make sure it’s distributed appropriately.

Despite video having progressed, at its core remains engaging narratives that can capture and excite audiences everywhere. The means by which we consume videos has changed immeasurably over the past 20 years. And who know where this progress will take us. But good stories haven’t changed. At Infinite Content we appreciate this and have the skills to translate these stories to the screen and bring them to life.

Video is the most powerful way you can connect with your audiences. Easily capturing the imaginations of audiences can build engagement, loyalty and ultimately drive conversions.

And with VR and 360 video looking to further dominate the world of video in the future, it’s now more pertinent than ever before to take advantage of its burgeoning power.

So why not see what we can do for your brand?